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One of my favorite number activities is the 4 4s

Mind your 4s

I heard a colleague say recently, that math was good for three things:”…making predictions about the world, making models of the world, and because math is beautiful.”One of my favorite number activities, the 4 4s is low entry, and high ceiling, and the mathematical context by itself gives us a place to explore the beauty of numbers and relationships.I created this floor to ceiling white board last year in my classroom with 4 x 8 paneling. Kids LOVED being able to draw and work on this scale!I remember doing this myself as a student, and I was so glad for the reminder when I came across the Four 4’s activity at CAS Musings.In a nutshell,

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18 Oct
CheesemonkeySF @cheesemonkeysf
Late to the party here, but I love this post by @nhighstein: Four fours (aka 4 4s): http://t.co/JFVMjbpjeq